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You can paint, draw, scribble, delete and so on. Your endless block. Your drawing tablet. Primarily intended for children, but you will not be bored with it either. Awaken the talent in your child. Awaken the child within you. Save our forests!


You can use the Xmartian Tab as a notepad to write down your notes and plans, write messages to family members or colleagues in the office, or use it to seize your little ones. It can thus be widely used both at home and in the office or school. Of course, there is a durable display that responds to the force of pressure, battery life of up to 40,000 erasures and, in addition, support for partial erasure - unlike other tablets, errors in text or drawing can be freely corrected!


Display size: 10 inches (25.4 cm) Material: plastic Battery: CR2032 Battery life: up to 40,000 deletions Weight: 166 g Blue

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